Widnet Solutions

Every team is a group of people. But not every group of people is a team.

The software system provides structure. The structure gives an overview, shows the real situation, which is the basis for good communication and achieving the set company goals.

However, without awareness of the connectivity, transparency, involvement of people in the process of creativity and innovation, systemic perception and development of the people, the organization cannot rely on motivated people who will feel as part of the organizational system.
Without motivated people feeling as part of the organizational system, it is unrealistic for an organization to expect to achieve progress and development.

The balance between hierarchical leadership and mindful leadership is crucial to the health of an organization. Of course, goals, completion of tasks, delegation, information sharing, decision-making and profit are important.

An organization will only prosper if people make personal progress. For that to happen, it takes an investment of time, money, and energy to develop mindful leaders.

Practice shows that modern businesses, that strive for sustainable development, invest heavily in employee personal development. Only this long-term investment has proven to be a return, as it motivates the development of personal, environmental and systemic awareness of each employee.

People are the driving force of the organization. They create, move and maintain the business. Without people, the company would be just an empty building.

Marina Anchevska
CEO, NLP Master Trainer, Business Coach,
Writer, Transformational Entrepreneur

Our software consists of 11 modules with more sub-modules. The main software contains the following modules: Recruitment tool, Absences, Performance management (sales and individual goals), Salaries, E- learning platform, Library and testing, Business trips, Working time recordings, User management, My profile, Organizational structure