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The story begins in 2019, when the company WIDNET Solutions was established. Our company develops software for human resources, first and unique, in Macedonia. In the interview with Darko Mickoski, CEO of the company, he told us that this software improves productivity and employee satisfaction significantly decreases the time spent doing paperwork and simplifies all company processes. According to this, in the long term, companies save money. The software has more than 13 modules. These modules are part of several offers that we are offering for the companies as personalized solutions by client request, depending on their state of digitalization. The implementation of this software is included in the monthly subscription. 

Mickoski: WIDNET Solution started when we identified that HR, as a part of many companies, has many issues that can be solved. The problem was noticeable when looking at three things: where we needed to measure things when data wasn’t scientifically correct, and there was a need for manual data filling and cuttings. Then the story continued by further identifying existing problems in HR Management. This was made the Core Solution of our software, like a basic version. We added additional measurements, making our software easier to use for all possible users. 

For those who have more technical knowledge, the backend of this software is developed in .NET CORE framework, by using C# programming language. We used HTML5, CSS3, Java script, JQuery, Signal R, and ASP.NET MVC with Razor Server syntax for the frontend. 

Who are your potential clients? Do you expect interest within our domestic companies?

Mickoski: our clients are those who would not be glad to close their business soon but would like to stay and grow in the next decade. Why? Because digital transformation is a necessary condition and an unstoppable process nowadays. By putting employees in focus, our software increases productivity and satisfaction, significantly lowers the time spent on administration, and simplifies all processes. 

We live in a context where things are moving fast. For example, the EU directs more than 200 billion for the digitalization of entire Europe. Part of this financial support is for Macedonia too, and, in this context, we are ready to provide professional help to our domestic companies digitalizing.

Talking about domestic companies and the market, we created a consortium with Macedonia’s most affirmed and successful consulting company, CONSULTING INTERGROUP, led by Mrs. Penka Mukaetova https://cig.com.mk/, so that we can be more present in this dynamic time. 

Besides the focus on the domestic market, in 2021, WIDNET Solutions made a successful breakthrough in the world market, where it is noticed and highly valued.

Does this project for HR will work as a SaaS ( software as a service), or we speak about the classical desktop program, which will be installed on user PC?

Mickoski: OUR software –the system of payment per user sells WIDNET HR Portal. 

There are two things that I need to mention: First, this software contains more than 13 modules, integrated into a few offers as packages. We offer personalised packages in agreement with clients’ needs and based on their degree of digitalization. Second, the monthly subscription that we have agreed on always includes the software implementation.

Who takes care of the maintenance of users’ information, knowing that these are a collection of employees’ data? Does the firm need to hire an IT to take care of it, or are you responsible for it?

Mickoski: WIDNET Solutions works in compliance with Europe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our first option when the agreement is sealed is to keep the information as a business secret that our company takes care of, and yet the companies can use it only for their purposes, so they do nоt have to hire an IT person and bear additional costs. If the request is only for the client to have access to the data, we will technically allow having access to their data whit their encryption.

It is essential to tell the function of our software is to collect statistical data, quantity, and quality for the whole team in the company. This allows for more informed decision-making and more productive work.

In which direction do you expect the project to move in the future?

Mickoski: as in the past three years, while we made plans for the future, we communicate and cooperate daily whit experts in many fields, such as: HR managers, trainers for personal and business development, experts in business communication, psychologists who are focused on the health and well-being of the employee. The project will be developed according to world trends and the needs of foreign markets. From the technical aspect, we have already started whit the implementation of AI in our product. WIDNET Solutions already works on CHATBOT, which helps employees to have faster communication with the Human resource sector. Also, we work on new types of measuring satisfaction of the employees through the bot, which will collect relevant data for a short period. The bot is an algorithm converting collected data in pertinent insights that can be used within the company.

In which way do you expect to gain more clients? By the implementation of more functionalities or by offering a more reasonable price – finding a balance between the budget of companies and your profitability?

Mickoski: Both are important. As an IT company, WIDNET Solutions is oriented to making functional solutions that will help clients cut their costs and help daily working processes. We are aware of the opportunity Macedonian companies have, and we are here to offer the best quality solutions for the best prices!

Are Macedonian companies aware of the need for this kind of solution in their business? 

Mickoski: Concerning Macedonian HR organizations in our country, we can say that they are trying to follow all trends that are leading up. They organized several events tackling the issue of upskilling and reskilling employees. What is still missing in companies is the automation of their working and day-to-day measuring of actual parameters. WIDNET Solutions as a corporate member of Macedonia HR association is following all the events and delivers solutions for processes digitalization.

Ex: In the last conference, we talked about AI as help in the HR sector, right?

Do you have some expectations about legal regulations from the country?

Mickoski: I prefer not to talk about this, but if they see our sector as a driver of innovation in the 21st century, they should treat us as such! We will bring twice as much and be well represented all around the globe because Macedonian companies are already known as companies’ whit high-quality expertise. We are also here to support the process of fast movement to fulfilling EU standards from the government side institutions. As someone that depends on this work, I can freely say we appreciate every boost support given.

Do you only work on developing your products, or do you also work as outsource for other companies in Macedonia or foreign countries?

Mickoski: Maybe we chose the more challenging way, but we firmly believe that the first option is the most sustainable in the long run. We have developed our Macedonian products from the very beginning, and we are offering them in foreign countries. Besides the HR Portal, we are creating another software for the health sector – the HEALTH FIRST Platform, that can be used in clinics for first aid and immediate intervention. By all these means, we continue to grow with our motto: WE ARE ALL ABOUT HUMANS!

Source: https://www.faktor.mk/vidnet-solushns-kreirashe-softver-za-chovechki-resursi-so-koj-se-zgolemuva-produktivnosta-vo-kompaniite-intervju-so-mickoski

interview with:

Darko Mickoski

Darko Mickoski

Executive Director of Widnet Solutions