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Without a quality software there is no efficient human resources management in the company! - Widnet Solutions

Without a quality software there is no efficient human resources management in the company!

WIDNET Solutions is a software company established three years ago and currently it is celebrating its 3rd Birthday. It was established by three experienced enthusiasts who have decided to focus on the problems which mostly trouble the human resources management sector. The primary activity of this 100% domestic company is the development of web products. The main reason for this interview with Darko Mickoski, the executive director of the company, is the unique software solution for the management of human resources, a technology gaining in popularity in the corporate world.

WIDNET Solutions developed this human resources management software which gained attention lately. Could you explain us what it is about?

Our software solution is called WIDNET HR Portal, and it consists of several modules for HR management. Our focus is on collecting data to produce the metrics needed to measure productivity and the performance of employees. Besides, it has many more features. Seen as a whole, it is a CORE HR solution, which modules can be used separately, depending on the client’s needs.

Our first product was a web application showing the state of activities that are key for the management. Activities result from each employee, or from a department as a whole, on a daily basis. Besides, there is a feature for the  recruitment process, to motivate and recognize the engagement of the employees, to organize learning of new skills, etc. Overall, it collects different information and statistics, which the company uses for making correct decisions and to accomplish its goals.

Could you explain how the Widnet software helps solving the problems related to the human resources? How does it work?

We are guided by the principle “through happy employees, to even happier clients.” Our ideas mainly come from the problems with which our clients are faced. There are many examples which could be mentioned and here are just a few:

  • Why do we need to establish personal contact with the human resources sector for each simple document? Imagine the time spent on paperwork for a company with over 1.000 employees. We solve all this through a software.
  • Also, why would someone calculate on hand a bonus for an employee when the software itself can automatically do that for us?
  • Why would someone prepare working shifts by hand if we can create a data-based solution making the working in shifts clear and satisfying for all employees?

If HR managers could save time by reducing paperwork, they could dedicate their time to meaningful conversation with employees, team development, while the managers could have all parameters needed at hand in any given time. At the same time, the employees themselves would always have information regarding the overall situation, and their career path.

Who are your potential clients? Do you expect interest from domestic companies?

Our clients actually come from different industries such as the textile, construction, food industry, but our product is mostly needed by those working in shifts that have subsidiaries in several different locations. With our software, they are connected in many ways and can work together. I want to point out that the software itself brings the company’s culture closer to each employee.

Having in mind that you started this activity just recently, what are the primary reactions of domestic companies? Are they interested in such solutions?

To be honest, local companies are starting to show more interest, although not at the level of more digitalized countries. Internationally, there is an increased need for AI (Artificial intelligence) and the market asks for daily development of innovation. Even if at the onset, there are many events, and conferences held here and in neighbouring countries, focusing on topics related to HR management. Attention is growing around the digitalisation of the talent lifecycle, what new skills and resources HR managers need to have to to get meaningful insights from the data collected in the workplace.

Why did you decide to cooperate with the consultant company Consulting Inter Group?

We came up with this idea during a coffe break. We were reflecting about the interest of our companies regarding digitalization and automatization, in the context of European digitalisation efforts. We all had the impression that our companies are prepared to be entirely digitalized, as well as to be up to date with the current European needs. After the first meetings we realized that companies are offered few holistic solutions for human resources, whereas the solutions connected to user bases and financials are several. We wanted to deliver a holistic solution for supporting the growth of our company and that’s how we began cooperating.

What exactly is the cooperation between one consulting and one IT company? How do you intend to work in practice?

Our cooperation consists mainly in the sales and presentation parts. More precisely, Consulting Inter Group is a company with a vast experience in transferring the key benefits for the companies by the digitalization, and how to access European funds. This consulting company has a clear strategy and goal that the client easily recognizes and accepts. Our mutual goal is to assist the companies in reaching the desired results through the team’s development.

As a team searching for a solution in the segment of human resources management, could you tell us what are the key problems there?

First of all, I must emphasise that our team is not only composed of technical and sales experts (and here, we are better even that Google J). In order to develop organically, we have included experts from several spheres, such as: human resources experts, lawyers, trainers, coaches, psychologists, administration experts, managers of companies with shift working, sales managers, etc. We regularly examine these topics to gain knowledge about key issues in these departments, so that we can optimise our solution according to the actual needs. Starting from recruiting, absence of employees tracking, performance measurement, all the way to the communication between teams and individuals, we try to ease the work of big organizations.

What are your expectations for the breakthrough on the home and the international markets?

In Macedonia, we started with active presentations in the past few months, and we worked on the awareness rising regarding the benefits of these solutions. Afterward, we were contacted by the first interested clients we now have successful cooperation with. In parallel, through our partners and employees, WIDNET Solutions is also active in the international markets, especially in the EU, North America, and the Near East states. WIDNET has its teams of employees in Trieste (Italy) and Santander (Spain), from where we cover the actual market. Starting from there, for the first time, we can publicly say that we are the first international software company that has software for HR management promoting diversification, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Thus, our expectations of the global market are grand.

Source: https://inovativnost.mk/

interview with:

Darko Mickoski

Darko Mickoski

Executive Director of Widnet Solutions